Principal Message

Education is the most important component of any developed society. It is the most important element for the growth and prosperity of a Nation .There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance, on greater heritage than culture. Nobody can teach anybody anything who does not want to learn .History is an eye witness to this fact that no person is ever honoured for what he receives. Honour has been the reward for what he has given.

Students are fresh flowers and the teacher is a Gardener. Every single student is a darling and all hold a special position in the teacher’s heart. The teacher hopes to see the fulfillment of his own dreams through his students. The image of the Vidyalaya is shaped by the students .It is the student who can bring laurels and glory to the Vidyalaya. A successful teacher is one who is able to foster creative thinking, develop skills as well as instill a desire for lifelong learning among students. If the Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and other professionals are the proud products of a sound teaching order, the job of teaching is self-rewarding.

Work is never the cause of misery and selfishness.

Sh. Kanwar Singh

M.A (English),B.Ed